Amputations of limbs occur as a result of two main causes: disease and injury.  The diseases that can result in amputation include cancer, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease (PVD), severe infection, and septicemia. Amputation as a result of injury or trauma can happen in a myriad of ways, but most often as a result of accidents and negligence. Ron Welsh handles cases in which limb loss occurred as a result of injury or trauma.

Losing a limb at the fault of another person or institution is devastating for various reasons. One of those is the cost of amputation, not just financially, but also to the person’s quality of life. On the financial side, there’s the expense of emergency medical care and subsequent physical therapy. There’s also the cost of prosthetic limbs and other medical equipment to assist the client with mobility and other day-to-day tasks.

The impact that amputation has on a person’s quality of life is also profound. Amputation makes it difficult to perform everyday tasks such as lifting and carrying items, being able to reach for and hold items, being able to cook, stand for lengthy periods of time, bend, and squat. Not being able to perform routine tasks can similarly result in job loss and difficulty obtaining employment and other sources of income. Losing an arm or a leg can also be traumatizing and impact mental health, resulting in anxiety, depression, and stress. This can in turn impact the ability to concentrate on tasks and stay focused.

With all the different ways that amputation and other severe injuries can profoundly change a person’s life, an amputation lawyer can help clients acquire compensation in several ways. capacities. In cases where clients lost limbs on the job (either through an accident or surgical amputation following a traumatic injury), an amputation lawyer will hold the employer accountable. This is done by proving the employer failed to maintain a safe work environment, including ensuring the safety of company buildings and work equipment, as well as a failure to enforce safety protocols.

One of the most commonly reported causes of work-related injuries and amputation is construction accidents. and it’s not hard to see why. During construction projects, workers handle dangerous equipment, operate dangerous machinery, and perform labor at dangerous heights. Without adequate training, proper maintenance of equipment, and strict enforcement of safety protocols, there’s a lot that can go wrong, which easily exposes construction workers to severe injury and even death. In the event of a construction accident, an amputation lawyer will help the client obtain compensation for their treatment, lost wages, and the physical and psychological impact of their injuries.

In cases where amputation happens as a result of a car accident or injuries sustained as a result of the actions of a negligent driver, an amputation lawyer can help clients hold the at-fault parties accountable. This is accomplished by doing the following: first, an amputation lawyer proves that the client is owed a duty of care and that the at-fault party has breached that duty of care. Second, an amputation lawyer will be able to prove the client suffered as a result of their amputation and that they are entitled to compensation for their injuries.
At The Welsh Law Firm, Ron Welsh and his experienced team of attorneys represent individuals and their families whose businesses have been impacted by personal injury cases. If you suffered a serious injury that required amputation or lost a limb as a result of an accident due to someone else’s negligence, an amputation lawyer at The Welsh Law Firm can help you secure compensation for your medical emergency care, rehabilitation costs, and pain and suffering. To learn more about how The Welsh Law Firm can be your trusted advocate in your time of need, see our areas of practice and send us a message.