The Welsh Law Firm, PLLC’ Practices Trial Law

There is only one objective in trial work: success, measured by the client’s satisfaction. We realize that clients entrust us with a piece of their economic future. Our result-oriented philosophy has produced a history of success with judges, juries, and clients.

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There is a subtle but significant difference between trial lawyers and litigators. For us, discovery is a means to an end, rather than an end in itself. While we are experienced at discovery and motions practice, we are not afraid to try the client’s case to a judge or a jury. Many clients may justly fear litigators who discover a case to death, only to recommend a last-minute settlement rather than face a jury. We do not do that. In fact, most cases can be fairly analyzed for the client within the first 30 days. If new developments change the initial view of the case, then we tell the client immediately rather than the day before jury selection. Of course, we will give our clients our professional opinion of the merits of their case and our recommendations about how to proceed, but we realize that the decision remains the client’s.