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Jury verdict piercing three levels of corporate veil against a Fortune 100 defendant

Jury verdict and appellate defense of investment advisory firm against allegations of improper options trading

Successful jury trial for corporate client accused of breach of propriety information and confidentiality agreement

Won summary judgment on behalf of major pipeline company against city’s claim that the pipeline owed over $1 billion in back excise taxes

Led the defense of an independent energy company against allegations of improper accounting

Defeated an application for an injunction aimed at blocking the client’s $400 million transaction

Successfully represented a major regional company in complex litigation to void a commercial contract

Won summary judgment and appellate affirmance for a major global chemical company accused of developing, manufacturing, and supplying an unreasonably dangerous radioactive material used in human x-rays

Won a jury verdict for a nationally recognized hospital accused of using a defective orthopedic implant for broken limbs

Led the successful defense of a product developer against 500 individual plaintiffs scattered across the country alleging defective design and manufacturing of medical joint implants.

Won a jury verdict for a fire protection service against allegations of unreasonably dangerous CO2 that exploded

Lead the successful defense of professional negligence cases including over a dozen medical malpractice jury trials, many legal malpractice cases, several appraisal malpractice cases, and several matters defending bar associations or bar officers.

Successfully represented beneficiaries against contestant’s allegations of undue influence, lack of testamentary capacity, and forgery, seeking multi-hundred-million dollar estate.

Lead lawyer for plaintiff suing hotel for injuries resulting from fire

Lead lawyer for plaintiff suing orthopedic surgeon and hospital for surgical malpractice resulting in paraplegia.

Counsel for plaintiffs in various property damage claims

Lead lawyer for husband who recovered from psychiatrist for affair with plaintiff’s wife.

Lead lawyer in the successful jury trial defense of many property damage claims.